Say Hi To Sophia Webster

After working next to Nicholas Kirkwood she made her own shoe brand in 2010. She studied in Royal College of Art and she made everyone excited in there by using the colour pink in her shoe designs. As we saw those days, she keeps using happy and funny materials for her designs like unicorn, butterfly wigs and bright colours. After Kate Hudson wore Amanda Gem shoes in the red carpet, people started to buy Sophia Webster shoes more. And nowadays, she is designing bags. Don’t forget her name  cause we are all gonna hear it in the future.

 Sophia Webster Amanda Gem shoes


Paint Can by Nails.Inc

Here is a new modern design by Nails.Inc . A spray nailpolish, unbelieveable! At the beggining there were just 2 colors , pink and gray. But now there are more colors of these spray nailpolishes. 

“After years in the making I am incredibly excited to be launching the Paint Can. Our customers have been screaming out for ways to reduce dry time and for quick, easy ways to apply colour when on the go. So voila, the Paint Can innovation was born!”, Thea Green, Nails inc Founder

 So, how to apply it?

Step 1. This part is essential – you must apply a base coat, we suggest Paint Can’s Best Friend – the Nails inc 2 in 1 Base and Top coat. Allow to dry. Or apply The Paint Can over your nail polish for a speedy colour change.
Step 2. Shake the Paint Can and from a distance of approx 20cm, apply short, sharp bursts of spray directly onto the nail area. (Cover and protect the surface you are spraying on to).

Step 3. For a longer lasting mani (for up to two days), brush on a top coat. Allow to dry.

Step 4. With warm water wash away any excess Paint Can polish from skin and cuticles. Or use a cleansing wipe when on the go. You will be left with a perfectly applied manicure.

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The easiest way for applying nailpolish. Yaay! 

H&M and Kenzo for 2016

After #HMBalmaination we tried to guess the new collaboration. And finally H&M announced it. (Drums please…) It is KENZO Yaaaayyy! And H&M Magazine spoke to creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim . And here is a copy of this little interview:

Carol Lim: ”We were really excited. Obviously, we’re the latest in a line of a lot of incredible people. We were like, ‘We’re in great company!’”

Humberto Leon: ”No. We trust ourselves. And we trust each other. You know, I say, “What about this?” And Carol is like, ‘Well, what if we did it this way?’ It’s us, feeding off of each other.”
Carol Lim: ”I can really say we don’t get nervous anymore. We get excited—to start thinking, to start planning, to start asking ourselves, ‘Okay, so what do we want to talk about this time?’ What it comes down to is figuring out, okay, what message do we want to send with this collection?”

Humberto Leon: ”We wanted to really tell the story of the brand and of us. Together with H&M, we will invite all the customers and fans to the real Kenzo world. 

Humberto Leon: ”We like to make sure each piece [in the collection] has its own value and feels special, but at the same time that the collection as a whole feels really united. That means people should be as excited to own a t-shirt as they are to own a dress. Each piece should feel deliberate.”
Carol Lim: ”Yes, and, overall, it’s always about realising strengths and weaknesses. We know what we’re good at and what we can bring. We know what the team at Kenzo is good at and what they can do. We try to give everyone that space to be creative. And then it becomes about letting there be a dialogue between those perspectives. Sometimes, it’s really easy. And sometimes, it’s hard because there are multiple points of view involved. But that’s good! Ultimately, you work it out.”
Here is the little history of Kenzo:

1939 Kenzo Takada is born in Himeji, Japan

1964 Kenzo Takada moves to Paris

1972 Kenzo holds his first fashion show in Paris

1983 Kenzo introduces menswear

1988 Kenzo launches his first perfume for women

1999 Kenzo Takada presents his final show

2003 Antonio Marras is hired as Artistic Director

2011 Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are appointed Artistic Directors

2016 On November 3, Kenzo x H&M launches worldwide ❤️❤️

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May the Naomi be with you…

Naomi Campbell is the first black model who was Vogue Paris’s covergirl in 1988. She could pose for Vogue Paris because Yves Saint Laurent said that ” If you don’t choose her , I never send my advertisements to you” to Vogue Paris. When she was 15 an agency explored her while she was hanging out with her friends after school. In 1993 , she fell down in Vivienne Westwood fashion show with 30 cm high heels. It was a really successful falling down because other brands wanted her to join their fashion show and then fall down for making some show. And now she bas an autobiography book. The cover of the book was designed by a pop art artist Allen Jones. Book includes iconic Naomi Campbell photos from 80s to 2000s by famous photographs like Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. And to me , most powerful part is memories with the designer Azzadine Alaia. He is the designer who Naomi calls like “dad ” and gets called like “daughter”. This book is a limited edirion and a flawless pick for collectioners.
  First Vogue Paris cover in 1988

                    In a Gucci dress.

Her new Taschen book.         And last 30 years.

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik

As we know that Rihanna is the best fashion partner and Manolo Blahnik is a really professional and well-known shoe designer. When Rihanna keeps being best friend of designers and their partners ( ex: Dior ) , Manolo Blahnik wanted to make shoes for stylish street girls. Of course Riri is here ! Manolo Blahnik is a really important shoe brand for us. One time Carrie Bradshaw’s actress Sarah Jessica Parker said that :”Manolo Blahnik was my first big investment.” 
Rihanna used iconic and chic denim silk for her designs . And she put diamonds for shining brightly. She designed models for every style . And then Rihanna said that :” If I see a girl who is wearing them while I am walking , I’d be dieing for taking a selfie with her.”

Knitting For This Summer! 

It sounds a little bit weird but you must start knitting for this summer. Or choose the easy way and buy . From dresses to tops, from tops to bikinis knitwear products are so chic and comfortable. You mustn’t make your beautiful knitwear outfit bad with wearing heels . Use a pair of flats or sandals , and then shine! If you want to be successful you should follow Tommy Hilfiger’s genious fashion show for summer. Here is the savier video for you :


Pull&Bear                     Tommy Hilfiger Pull&Bear

Epiphany by Gucci

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele always says that: ” I am trying to cause a little revolution.” And here is the book of this revolution brand which is named ” Epiphany” .  And all of the Gucci Pre-Fall backstage pictures are taken by photographer Ari Marcopoulos who is as cult as Gucci. This book includes only Milano Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Show photos.Epiphany has a pink cover and a pink leather patterned case with Alessandro Michele’s iconic snake illustration on it. There are 2 posters and a postcard in it. In July , you can get this book from :

Prices get higher from €55. 

So, what does Epiphany mean? One time famous writer James Joyce said that : ” An abrupt and spiritual manifest.”about Epiphany. 
The Cover :

 Epiphany’s case Ari Marcopoulos and Alessandro Michele