The Best Pencil Set: Karlbox

Karl Lagerfeld and Faber Castell shaked hands and made a collaboration. And the most expensive pencil set has just happened. There are many rare shades in this limited edition set. They made only 2.500 sets which have 360 products just inside of  one Karlbox. But it is  for 2.500€ . And in the web site of Karl Lagerfeld , it says this item is sold out!! That’s just unbelieveable. 

So , what about me ? I loved it. But looks like I won’t be able to buy it. (Cries)

For fashion designers, fashion design students, artists and for the ones who have hobbies, these pencil shades are memorable and it is so hard to find the same shades in the outside. Also there is a dough eraser and lots of pencils for drawing and also for painting. Markers , pencil sharpeners,crayons… I want to be a fashion designer and they are perfect for me . 

There are diffrent steps and coats for each colour tone. You can also put them out and change the places. 
So , curious fashion lover mates, here are the pencils that the creative director of Chanel uses. Buy if you can. But not for yourself, for ME.


Dior Rouge Fall 2016

Confidence, beauty, success, positive energy… All of us need these things in our lives . And Dior knows how to treat us. New Dior 2016 Fall Rouge has too many shades in matte or shiny version.

And the beautiful actress who was the face of Miss Dior fragrances is the  face of this lipstick campaign. Of course Natalie Portman. Her beautiful young face shows us to carry Dior rouge  on. 

She is effortless and always memorable.. This iconic red Dior lipstick has a #IFEELGOOD mark. These 35 couture shades can make you feel good. Are you ready?!